Who is Kbuck?

Work in progress, 26 years young, Suffolk, Virginia born and raised, Alpha Sigma Alpha Alumnae that graduated from Radford University with a double degree in Interior Design & Art Studio. I just married my 8 long year obsession and his name is TJ. We have four fur babies. I am currently an Art Teacher + Marketing Coordinator at Plan Bee Academy in Chesapeake, VA.


Things to know about me: 

  • I am the definition of dramatic when it comes to story telling
  • I love plants and when my plant babies die I am genuinely upset
  • My parents & grandparents raised me in a loving, caring & supportive household, I owe them everything
  • I'm getting married to my ginger soul mate of 8 years this May
  • I pull A LOT of late nights, currently writing this at 2:30 in the morning
  • The bigger the mess, the greater the masterpiece
  • If it has fur and a face, I automatically love it
  • I tend to cuss too much, it's a form of stress relief 
  • My brother and I are often mistaken for twins, he's two years younger
  • My passion for philanthropy is endless
  • I don't wear socks with my vans and I am not ashamed
  • I now have three fur children Hurley, Waylin and Snow
  • I am a laugher & cryer at the same time, it is never pretty 
  • Making people feel appreciated no matter what they do is a must in life
  • My friends & family are my tribe, without them I wouldn't have half the confidence or be at all who I am today
  • I don't believe in being mean or hateful, it does no one any good and we have enough of it in the world
  • I party hard with my peeps and the recovery process is getting longer with age
  • I fully believe Leslie Knope would be the perfect President

Photos by: Meghan Lupyan Photography